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I had this entry all planned out last night. I was going to talk about how I’d reached the end of my rope, how I wanted to lie on the floor and not get up until at least 2014, and so forth. How September had completely kicked my ass and then some.

Instead, I’m going to tell you this: I’m taking a brief rest. A little bit of traveling. Some hopefully rejuvenating exploration. I’m packing my overnighter, and I won’t be back until October 6th.

What does this mean for this space? A few things.

I have posts scheduled for the upcoming Monday, Wednesday and Friday. One of those posts is a guest piece from the superlative Alexandra Franzen about what her life with obsessive-compulsive disorder looks like, and another is a guest photo post from Sui, a phenom of a photographer. There will be no Places to Go, People to See either tomorrow or next Saturday. I know! Bummer! But I have a to-do list the length my arm, and it’s either that or get on the floor. I’m staying off the floor (I’m trying).

In case you hadn’t heard, my podcast debut happened yesterday with Hannah Braime on Becoming Who You Are. We talked about restorative journaling, David Foster Wallace, and the origins of Radical Sincerity… among other juicy things.

Enjoy, lovelies, and may your weekends be bright. I will be trying to rein in my workaholic tendencies through forced relaxation, so if you have recommendations for fun thrillers with a decent prose style (I’ve read Tana French’s and Gillian Flynn’s entire oeuvres, so I’ve got that covered), please leave your thoughts in the comments. Or any other book recommendations, for that matter.