So, as I wrote about yesterday, you’ve noticed the signs. Now what?

I received a number of helpful suggestions, including notes and tips from the lovely Grace Quantock, my therapist, and my Super Awesome life coach Ashley of Your Super Awesome Life.

And then I sat down to write this blog post, and realized that I was… Very. Tired. Which is kind of the point of my last post, right? I’m not operating at full capacity. I don’t need to expect a lot of myself right now, especially if I want to get better quickly.

(Immediately, the negative self-talk started up — you have to post, you’re on a posting schedule, people aren’t going to come back to your site if you don’t post today, maybe you should wait until later and see if you have more energy to post, etc., etc., and so forth.)

Instead of listening to those voices, and instead of forgoing posting altogether, I decided to record a mini-podcast, which I can do while lying in bed with a neck pillow and a cup of coffee.

I hope you like it.