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Are you wishing you could have a regular writing habit, but struggle with the unknowable factors of disability, illness, or caretaking responsibilities?

with this workshop, you're going to gET access to a warm, enthusiastic class FULL OF EXERCISES AND CONCRETE TIPS—no abstractions, & no wishy-washy ideas.


you'll feel excited to move forward with your writing career in a way that feels good and points you to success.

ready to level up your writing life?

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You want writing to become a regular part of your life.

But how do you make writing a regular part of your life (and who does "regular" mean, anyway) when you're living with limitations? Unlike the proverbial Real Writers in your mind, you can't write every single day—life simply won't let you. After taking part in this workshop, you'll know how to take a page from working artists like Laura Hillenbrand, bestselling author of Unbroken and Seabiscuit, who lives with ME/CFS, to figure out what a writing habit will look like for you, and what you can do to shift gears and change direction if your initial (or second, or third) plan stops working when life changes (as it inevitably will).

You'll learn examples from working artists like frida kahlo and laura hillenbrand, so that you know that you're not alone.

you're going to determine what your own limitations are and how they affect your writing.

after going through a solid system that creates, step-by-step, the foundations of your writing habit, you'll know what to do so that you can move forward in your own writing life.

why it's harder than it looks

Shouldn't it be easy to figure out a "writing habit?"

Why would you take a class about building a writing habit while living with limitations when it's just about figuring out a schedule? Shouldn't it be easy?

If you'd like to, and are able to, abide by Stephen King's exhortations and write every single day, without fail (which is how he defines what a writer is—I disagree), then you probably don't need this class. You're all good if writing every single day is something that comes easily to you.

But if you're struggling with chronic fatigue, mental health challenges, limited energy, brain fog, child-rearing, caretaking, a full-time job, or any of the other things that make building a writing habit challenging... this class is for you.

And that's why we're doing this.

To have a regular writing practice, tailored to your individual needs, will do several things. It will boost your self-confidence as a writer. It will make sure that writing is something that remains a part of your life, even if your life is frequently interrupted and your free hours are short. 

Your writing life depends on your ability to write. 

And yet, it's important that you build a writing habit because...

Meet the teacher

Hi, I'm Esmé, and I'm obsessed with teaching personal nonfiction to writers living with limitations.

I won the Graywolf Nonfiction Prize for my essay collection, The Collected Schizophrenias, which also went on to win the Whiting Award and to become a New York Times bestseller. I've been a visiting professor at the San Jose State MFA program, and have taught hundreds of students the art of personal nonfiction writing; I also wrote The Collected Schizophrenias while coping with an assortment of debilitating chronic illnesses.

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"I find her to be a smart and insightful teacher and appreciate her teaching style, which is patient, approachable, and calm... I always prefer quiet power over noisy, frenetic instruction."

"Esmé’s classes are among my favorite to take for a few reasons. First of all, I am a fan of her writing and trust her expertise. This is the initial hook. However, I find her to be a smart and insightful teacher and appreciate her teaching style, which is patient, approachable, and calm. Her assistant Chloe, who attends and helps facilitate all of the sessions, has a similar energy, so they complement each other well. I always prefer quiet power over noisy, frenetic instruction. In addition to the general atmosphere of the teaching, the courses are always well-prepared, organized, and professional. They have a system, and it works.” 

Sara V.

“Esmé is exceedingly knowledgeable and her teaching style is the perfect blend of calmly explaining every step of the writing process so you won’t be left confused and answering additional questions."

“Esmé is exceedingly knowledgeable and her teaching style is the perfect blend of calmly explaining every step of the writing process so you won’t be left confused and answering additional questions. She also puts much thought into every answer instead of giving a quick reply—I felt seen, taken care of and special, even though it was a group workshop.” 

navina b.

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This Workshop Is For You    

You're interested in building a writing life, and you'd consider yourself a beginning/intermediate writer.

Your life isn't so open and free that you can simply write at any time with ease—there are things that get in your way, even if it's "just" your own resistance.

You feel frustrated when you see other writers who seemingly have it easy when it comes to writing, and doubt whether or not you have what it takes to write on a regular basis.


You're ready to feel joy and excitement about building a writing habit, instead of fear and anxiety.

How does this sound?



Have an actionable plan for building a writing habit: the foundations for being a working writer.


Be confident in your ability to shift the way that you regularly practice writing, no matter what comes. your way.


Scoff in the face of writers who claim that if you don't write every day, you're not a writer.


Build a body of work to comprise your life's essays, articles, and books.

Building A Writing Habit While Living with Limitations




Purchase a recording of this 1-hour workshop–-including a recording, transcription, workbook, & accompanying resources and notes.