Scope My Zone: Why Chris is Awesome

Why Chris is Awesome

Scope My Zone

When asked why Chris is awesome, this what people (noted people) have said:

“My daddy is the best. He always makes sure that I get to go to the beeeeaaaaaccchhhhhh, and also lets me have awesome toys. Also: I don’t realize that brushing my teeth is important, but he takes care to stick his finger in my mouth so that I can eat chicken paste.”

— Daphne “Pip” Wang-Fleitas

“He is my best friend, and I would be a lesser person without him… and he makes good pancakes.”

— Ryan Brent

(As a side note, he completely independently, without knowing anything about your day except that it was dumb, offered up a story about how he violated Rule #1 last week at work, could not leave the store, and just… had to live with it all day. Also: he is interested in watching Veronica MarsThe Movie with you later, should you be interested in taking your mind off things… & onto Logan Eckles.)

“He ate mystery powder that came with a Japanese toy thinking it was candy. It ended up being soap.”

— Allen Wang

“Chris is kind, loyal, and compassionate.  He’s also the companion I want to ‘Haste’ at all times.”

— Claudia Ng

(I hope that isn’t dirty? Should I fight her?)

“Chris has always been who I look up to on how to live my life.  To be with someone who makes you happy & feel complete.  To surround yourself with people who really understand you.  To do something you truly enjoy doing.  He is the best role model I have ever had, and if it wasn’t for him moving to California and taking us to Monterey Bay, I may not be doing what I love… such as raising these two new baby otters!”

— Nique Fleitas (with guest photo, below)
Baby Otters

“My love for that guy is boundless. I really love the personal generosity of the man, and his profound humanness, and the degree to which he commits to funny voices in game. He is a lot fun to have around, and if there’s one thing I dislike about the guy it’s that I don’t see him enough.”

— David Moran

“Aw. Chris is the best! I like to talk to him about the things he knows because it is always interesting to talk to him about them. His hair is always great. He is a god at Race for the Galaxy, and this is something that matters. He is more artistic than he lets on. And never let him forget that people got crushes on him from the TeeVee!”

— Zubin Madon

“I like that he seems so unassuming and approachable, and then he will just do something magical, like the phrase ‘smellin’ like Shelyn’ in Argo Valentine’s journal entry, or ask me to teach him how to sew and then surprise me with a new thread-knotting method, give a karaoke performance that builds to such an emotional climax that he pounds on the wall, tears off his glasses and somehow loses one shoe (setting the new standard for all my karaoke outings) or give an impromptu in-depth lecture to Zubin and me about how Achilles forever changed the glory economy of Greece (if I’m remembering correctly). I like that his immense talent and intelligence are tempered by humility and modesty, so I don’t get the feeling he’s trying to prove something to me, instead I feel invited to participate alongside.”

— Theresa Pan

And, well, duh. I love you, too.

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