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Everyone can use some encouragement at some point in their lives. I’d like to bring that to you.

In late November 2015, after a year of stress and illness, I decided to create a free resource called the Encouragement Notes.

The Encouragement Notes would comprise encouraging emails, sent from Monday through Friday, every day in December—a month that’s often considered to be celebratory and exciting, but is also hugely stressful for many.

But people began to ask me about the Encouragement Notes. Doctors wanted to know if they could recommend the Notes to their patients. Folks wanted to know if it was too late to sign up (and it was; I closed registration on the last day of November). And I realized that the Encouragement Notes—or a version of them, at least— were something that I wanted to make available to people at any time of year.

So—if you’re interested, sign up for the Encouragement Notes below. You’ll receive one email every day for ten days, excluding weekends.

Encouragement Notes

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“Encouragement Notes have created a supportive community atmosphere that is absent in so many online groups I’ve been a part of. It’s as if I’ve traveled a long way to finally find rest. I feel genuinely encouraged by the notes and inspired by fellow group members and their personal experiences. Much love and gratitude to you, Esmé!”


“I love how Encouragement Notes reminds me of the good in everything, big or small, in our lives. I am currently going through a rough time in my life and this is something I really look forward to when I open my inbox. It does help bolster the spirit and remind us that life is beautiful, in spite of the struggles we all face.”


“Thank you, Esmé, for the Encouragement Notes. They really seemed to hit the spot for honoring the difficulties I’m currently experiencing, while lifting up my heart and helping me to appreciate my strengths and gifts. When there’s so much ‘over-the-top, be super-positive all the time’ stuff floating around on the internet, it was refreshing to find the kind of encouragement that actually helps—feels very genuine and grounded. I definitely recommend them to others, and hope to enjoy more of these in the future.”


“The Encouragement Notes have been a blessing. They began a week after my very active 85-year-old mother had a stroke. It has been a roller coaster physically and spiritually. The notes lifted me up when I really needed it. The group overall was so supportive and loving.”