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I first met Ezzie Spencer at one of Alexandra Franzen’s writing workshops a number of years ago—Ezzie was visiting from Australia, and she made an immediate impression on me—the woman’s got a delightfully magnetic combination of smarts and intensity, and after following her Instagram feed for months, I signed up for her Lunar Abundance Salon at the tail end of 2014. I quickly fell in love with the Salon (with some of the reasons described in this very interview), and even mentioned the practice as a part of my self-care routine on Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette. When Ezzie asked her community if anyone would be interested in becoming a Salon Ambassador for the 2015 relaunch of the Salon, I responded with alacrity.

So what is the Lunar Abundance Salon?

Paraphrased from Ezzie’s site, it’s a journey through the cycles of the moon–an ancient way to understand the rhythm of your life, your business, and your body. Following lunar rhythms is a powerful method for understanding how old-school wisdom can have practical application in your modern life.

And it’s the key to you becoming a prosperous, thriving woman: in touch with spirit, and connected with your soul. The Lunar Abundance technique is based on the phases of the moon, as well as on your mind/body wisdom.

Registration for the Lunar Abundance Salon is now closed.

Here, then, is a chat I had with Ezzie about the Lunar Abundance practice, which took place a few days after she came by my home this month… complete with a picture of her with Daphne. Just because!


How do you describe the Lunar Abundance practice to people who have no experience with it?

The easiest way to understand Lunar Abundance is that it is a way to practice holistic living–with practice being the emphasis. It is a consistent, daily practice that is connected to the rhythms of the moon. The moon is a natural anchor: all you need to do, to start, is to look up at night and see where the moon is in the sky—what phase it is in, specifically. And then follow the movement of the moon throughout its entire cycle, which lasts for about a month. A month is a short amount of time to start to connect with your self, with your natural rhythms, and with the rhythms of nature. And it’s not too long a cycle that you drift off–it is eminently trackable, and observable.

Following the moon—and all the phases of the moon—is a way that I have found peace and prosperity in my own life. One of the keys to abundance is to know that there is always enough, that there will always be more of what you need: that there is an infinite supply. And one of the ways that it is possible to start to trust that sense of supply is by following a repetitive cycle, like the moon’s cycle. Because that cycle always repeats! There is always a chance to go deeper, to investigate yourself more fully, to course-correct if your internal quest requires some tweaks, or to practice more deeply if it is working for you.

Something I’ve noticed, in participating in the practice over the last year, is that while many of the people who engage with Lunar Abundance do use and believe in astrology, there are some who don’t. And your practice doesn’t require that of people, which I think is interesting. It’s the moon! It exists! Make what you will of it, but it’s there and it goes through phases!

ezzie spencer and daphne

Yes! I love that. The moon’s cycle is viewable, it is predictable. That is why I am so drawn to it as well, and it is was probably the reason why I first started to work with the moon when I was in a very different phase of my life, working as a lawyer in fact. People are often surprised to hear that I am a lover of empirical evidence, but you can be deeply intuitive and connected to your internal, subjective world, and still anchored in objective reality. In fact, I am a firm believer in the power that comes when you integrate polarities such as the subjective/objective, intuition/intellect, feelings/logic, feminine/masculine, yin/yang. Neither are more important than the other: it is about the balance.

I feel like I should comment that you do integrate astrology into the practice—namely, the different focus for each New Moon. Again, however, it’s not required that you “believe” in the sign each New Moon is assigned to; it’s simply something the cycle revolves around. I think it’s really elegant.

Oh, that’s lovely to hear. Yes, I have found archetypal astrology to be a useful way to guide our journey each lunar cycle. The sky is constantly evolving and changing, as it our world. As above, so below, and so forth. The most important thing is not to rely overly much on what is going on in the cosmos, because again, it is about the balance. We don’t want to be lost in the stars and forget that our feet are firmly here on Earth. The stars provide a map of sorts, but we can’t forget to actually take the journey! So the astrology is woven into Lunar Abundance as a magical language that gives voice to what we may be experiencing, and to help us make sense of what is happening inside of us. Most importantly, in Lunar Abundance we feel what is going on inside of us–the moon represents the feelings and the subconscious world in archetypal astrology. Each lunar cycle does have a distinct feel—it is subtle but becomes more and more potent the deeper you go into the practice.

To go back to something you mentioned—the yin/yang of the practice, which alternates between phases—as someone who lives with chronic illness, I’ve found the practice to be a lovely energy management tool, even if you weren’t intentionally creating the practice for that audience. Have you been surprised by any of the ways in which people use Lunar Abundance?

Oh, yes. I initially developed Lunar Abundance as a kind of personal therapy for myself–as a classic over-achiever, I needed to give myself permission to experience the yin side of life, not as a nice-to-have but as a must-have. The single thing that has surprised me is that I have been constantly answering the question “but what do I do during a yin phase? What are yin activities?” It’s an oxymoron, but we have become so conditioned to “doing” and “acting” that we have forgotten the art of “being.” In this way, even though there are four yin phases and four yang phases in the moon’s cycle, Lunar Abundance has actually emphasised the yin much more than I expected, because we women seem to be craving this so deeply. When I find out that people are actually changing their schedules, and even planning out their whole year in advance around the yin/yang phases, I’m genuinely astonished, and delighted. I’m so happy to hear that you have found this to be an energy management tool.

I’ve noticed that—people, including myself, are often flummoxed by the yin phases. Like, “What am I supposed to do when I’m not PUSHING all the time?”

It’s so revealing, eh. The key is practicing a different approach. A yin phase is not necessarily an indication that you will do nothing for the whole phase, but that you have the opportunity to practice not leaping into action when you normally would, but instead practice resting or receiving, being more gentle with yourself.

Is there anything in particular that you’re looking forward to with this new round of, and launch of, Lunar Abundance? There’s a new member portal, which looks great.

Each intake of new women is extraordinary. I learn so much from the Salon Sisters – so many women really sink wholeheartedly into the practice, and come out with depth of insights into themselves and abundance that leave me floored. It’s very bi-directional in that way: I’m leading in the space, but always learning myself. So I’m looking forward to more of this. I’ve also refurbished the Salon member portal, as you mention—glad you like it!—and added new resources like the Lunar Journal and the new audios. My life has been expanding in recent years and am enjoying teaching more about what I have learnt, with the intention of making the Salon even richer.

lunar abundanceDo you mind sharing a little bit of what you’ve learned, or what you’re learning from, and how that’s going to affect the Salon? For example, I know you just went to the Emerging Women Conference!

Lunar Abundance is a fabulous way to cultivate a sense of personal empowerment, and I strongly believe that internal power is a precursor to making a bigger difference in the world. We need to be the change, so to speak, and one of the ways to effect that is to cultivate the internal balance between our own feminine and the masculine. Lunar Abundance is a guide to living well. But what is beyond that? I’ve always been driven to have a positive impact on the world at large, and so I am interested to see the bigger impact of Lunar Abundance. Feminine leadership is the next frontier. What happens when we empowered women are actually living in the world, positively impacting our relationships and our communities? These are themes that I am noticing are emerging in the Salon now, and I am hoping that these evolve over the coming year.

Also, when I speak about “abundance”, I am not using this as a codeword for money. For me, “abundance” means a way of living, being in the (over)flow, living with intention, in a state of trust, and with the knowledge that the Earth is a constantly replenishing place. However, these are not two opposing concepts: I love abundance, and I love money. One often results in the other. They are just not straight synonyms in my book. As the name suggests, the focus in the Lunar Abundance Salon is abundance, and that is a rich concept to explore in and of itself. In addition, I am developing more work specifically on money: perhaps as a companion to the Salon, and of course informing the work within it.

Listening to you talk about Lunar Abundance is causing me to fall in love with it all over again! And I think that’s a beautiful way to end this conversation. Thank you so much for speaking with me—and for providing the Lunar Abundance experience for me over the last year. I can’t wait to see what happens with it next.

BIO: Dr. Ezzie Spencer trained as a lawyer and worked in human rights and law reform before doing her Ph.D in women’s wellbeing after sexual violence. She now teaches her personal practice called “Lunar Abundance”–how to find peace and prosperity by following the moon’s cycle.

You can find her musings and download a free lunar calendar at www.ezziespencer.com, and follow her lunar updates in real time on Instagram: @ezziespencer.