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Listen to me read the below here:


I am consistently struck by how hard everyone is working, including myself.

By which I don’t mean sitting at the deskwriting the Great American Novel (as if such a thing existed), or building a cathedral to last the ages. I mean getting through every damn day. Heroically. With heads held high, or bent at the waist and heaving sobs. It astonishes me, this ability for us to do our best under our particular circumstances.

I don’t know where this mantra came from, but it began in graduate school, when I taped it to the window above my desk: Keep going. You’re doing great.

I meant for it to encourage my writing (which it did), but I’ve found it tremendously helpful under a variety of situations. I’ve said it to friends who were struggling. I repeat it to myself when I feel as though the walls are caving in.

And so I made a desktop wallpaper for you, my friend. To download it, simply click on the link below.

desktop wallpaper here

Remember it. Why? Because you matter.