work rest love print on table

First off: thank you to the brilliant colleagues, friends, and readers who have been so supportive about the new Journal design. I’ve been gobsmacked and reinvigorated by the feedback. And now that it’s 2015, I feel ready to sink into the Work. Rest. Love. mantra that you can see above — and that’s available as a print here, too — as well as other assorted touchstones for the year, all scrawled down and muttered in half-dreaming.

For today, I’ve brought you a round-up of links. Do enjoy with tea and a biscuit. Or kale chips! Whatever gets your motor revving.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends, y’all. If you need a book recommendation, I just finished Euphoria by Lily King and found it to be gorgeous and devastating — it reminds me a bit of The End of the Affair, plus Mating — and am now descending upon Loitering, a book of Charles D’Ambrosio essays.