Dream Hunting with Limitations

Dream Hunting with Limitations

Making Dreams Happen within the constraints of your life

You’re ambitious. You have big dreams: books to write, graduate degrees to complete, independent businesses to start.

You also have limitations that frustrate and stymie you: chronic illness, mental health issues, care-taking responsibilities, or something else entirely. (Its a limitation if it makes you feel limited.)

The gap between where you are now and where you want to be seems vast. If only you didn’t have these limitations, you’d be on the fast track to success—but everything you’ve tried so far to make those limitations go away hasn’t worked.

It’s frustrating. So frustrating.

And it’s true that I don’t have a magic wand to make your limitations disappear. What I do have are the life experiences and years of independent and academic study that have guided my own way through life with late-stage Lyme disease and schizoaffective disorder, bringing me to where I am now: an award-winning author of two books who teaches and speaks around the country.

With experimentation and therapeutic guidance, I figured out a path through, and ways of adjusting to, the difficulties in my life. I’ve shared this step-by-step technique in A**-Kicking with Limitations, which began as a live workshop that I taught at the Get Bullish conference in Palm Beach, CA and the Jack Jones Literary Retreat; the workshop became a short-and-sweet, five-day email course that I created and shared last year.

Dream Hunting with Limitations is the grown-up version of A**-Kicking with Limitations. For five weeks, a cohort of intrepid students and I will be going in-depth through daily, emailed lessons (4x the material in AKWL!) and a private Facebook group for community support. You’ll be studying how to bring your dreams to life, implementing the techniques and skills in each lesson while creating a plan to move forward and toward your goals. You’ll learn more about rethinking ambition, the emotions that come with living with limitations, imposter syndrome, and self-sabotage. And you’ll hear from guests who have achieved amazing things while living with amazing difficulties.

"My life has changed dramatically over the past year, and it's been frustrating to try to function as I used to under the new circumstances. [A**-Kicking with Limitations] has challenged me to consider what it is I want to accomplish and how I can fit that into the actual life I have, with its limitations and uniquely shaped spaces. Esmé's concise lessons helped me break the big aspects I'd been treating as immutable into puzzle pieces that I could then rearrange and expand on. Now I have the beginnings of a workable plan for going after what I want while living the life I have."


Are you ready to go after your dreams, even while living with limitations?

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