The Unexpected Shape Community

The Unexpected Shape Community

A New Adventure

A lot can happen during this particular adventure…

It started out as a feeling:

a beautifully designed membership website for ambitious people living with limitations.

I didn’t quite know what to do with this feeling, or where to begin. I just knew that I had to act on it, and quickly.

So, I did what I always do and turned to you, asking if this was something that you might be interested in.

A resounding yes filled me with a promise of something…

That something being The Unexpected Shape Community:

an online space that celebrates curiosity, ambition, and resilience, just as much as it does rest, taking-care, and community.

Where you get to decide what it means to be both an ambitious person, and someone living with limitations.

Where you can be sure of where you’re going, and who you’re going with.

Where you won’t ever again have to face these terrains alone.

What Else?

Now more than ever, we need each other…

Especially when you’re left with a longing to do more, but without the energy, support, or space to do more in.

Or the familiar feeling of, “Today is the day I will write, finally!” that falls short as soon as you put pen to paper.

And the heartache from lack of human connection that has consumed your days, weeks, and months.

The impossibleness of it all: of being able to write, create, read, laugh, or hold onto more than a sliver of hope.

Or how about the wave of grief that comes over you every time you think about this past year: those ambitious ideas, so swiftly replaced with emotions like fear, uncertainty, helplessness, and loneliness.

& though I don’t know what this coming year will bring, and am not in any position to make any promises, I do know that we’ll be so much better off facing it together…in The Unexpected Shape Community.

Where you will not only be able to do things like write, create, learn, connect, and imagine, but be surrounded by friends as you do so…

Friends that you can share ideas with.

Friends that can hold you accountable in reaching your goals, both big and small.

Friends that will be there to remind you that you are deserving, capable, and already well on your way to achieving what you once thought of as impossible.

Because the friends that you make in The Unexpected Shape Community, will be the friends that you will thank in your acknowledgments.

Co-Writing Esme 1

Co-Writing Sessions

weekly Zoom sessions with prompts & pep talks

Instagram Community

Private Instagram

for connecting, sharing, and interacting with the community


Content Library

life-time access to every workshop & course

Weekly Curated Email Esme

Curated Emails

weekly thoughts, inspiration, wins, and community features

The Core Content of The Unexpected Shape Community

Coming January 2021

  • A bustling and beautifully designed membership website, filled with ambitious, resilient creatives just like you
  • Weekly live co-writing sessions through Zoom, with prompts and pep talks from me
  • Rawness of Remembering, as well as every other online course I ever create
  • A weekly curated email with highlights and wins from within the community
  • An invitation to our private Instagram community
  • Unlimited access to every writing workshop that I ever teach

…and so much more.


Coming on January 1st


“In two books and two agents, I have NEVER been schooled as hard or as well on the craft of writing an effective book proposal as I was by Esmé Weijun Wang. Esmé has an unfakeable passion for making practical, actionable information available to writers—to ALL writers, at all career stages and backgrounds, living and working with all kinds of limitations. Her warm, inclusive teaching style offers a priceless act of service to the literary community. Take any class Esmé Weijun Wang offers.”

Laura G.

“Esmé is exceedingly knowledgeable and her teaching style is the perfect blend of calmly explaining every step of the writing process so you won’t be left confused and answering additional questions. She also puts much thought into every answer instead of giving a quick reply - I felt seen, taken care of and special, even though it was a group workshop.”

Navina B.

"The level of professionalism combined with sincerity immediately put me at ease. As someone just starting out, you don’t know what you don’t know and your workshop answered questions I didn’t know to ask. I also deeply appreciated the attention to accessibility for various learning styles and sensory needs. Having a live transcript in addition traditional audio/video made it easier to relax, absorb the material, and just enjoy the discussion."

Jen M.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to signing up for this community early?

When you sign up by November 26, you will become a founding member of this community & will receive an invitation to a bonus workshop taking place this December.

Do I have to be around at any particular time to be a part of this community? Can I do the work at my own pace?

Yes and no. There is nothing you are obligated to show up for, and you can certainly work at your own pace, however, the co-writing sessions and live workshops (if you have interest in joining them) will require you to show up at a certain time. Recordings of the workshops will be made available, if you are unable to make it live.

How much time will I (roughly) spend on this each month?

As much or as little as you would like. There will be an optional co-writing session each week (between 1 – 3 hours long), live workshops (between 1 and 3 hours each), a library of past workshops (length varies), private Instagram community (daily posts & opportunities to interact with other members of the community), and weekly curated emails from me.

What kind of workshops will you teach within this community?

I will teach workshops rooted in both fiction and nonfiction writing methods. Workshops focusing on specific writing techniques, creating book proposals, as well as workshops that have yet to be taught before.

How often will you teach workshops within this community?

This will entirely depend on what else we have going on within the community, but if I were to guess, there would be a live workshop every few months. Please note: All live workshops that are taught within the community will available inside the workshop library for you to watch whenever suits you best.

How often will I be able to work directly with you?

During the live workshops I will be available at the end for questions from the community, and during our weekly co-writing sessions, I will begin each session with writing prompts and a pep talk (sticking around should my schedule allow for it).