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I began to work on building the content and site for Rawness of Remembering in Nebraska, early 2015. It seems fitting, then, that this multimedia program and passion project should be going on sale today, open for purchase, at the end of 2015. A year’s worth of building this resource. This member portal. This place for you, should you need it, to dive deep into the practice of restorative journaling.

It’s said that we teach what we most need to learn. The earliest version of Rawness of Remembering, conceived of and created as a live class in 2013, coincided with the most severe episode of psychosis I have experienced to date. In February of 2015, I was diagnosed, somewhat grimly, with late-stage Lyme disease, which meant that I was heading into a year of some of the most fear, suffering, pain, and drastic changes in my ability to live as the person I have thought of myself as being. And so I realized that this new, difficult time in my life of round-the-clock pills and fear for the future of my health would require tweaking of the original Rawness of Remembering material, because I was learning new things about restorative journaling.

The power of writing a retrospective narration of present circumstances became a regular tool in my own journal, and is shared in the new iteration of Rawness of Remembering. I cut much of the material about art and visual journaling—though there is still a good amount of it, and in my mind, is exactly enough—in favor of new, powerful tools that address the “restorative” part of “restorative journaling.” Because this program, as I’ve designed it, is for people seeking tools—smart, curious people who know that there must be more than pills and therapy available to us through difficult times.

I made the program that I needed. I made the program that I needed through all of the difficult times I’ve experienced in my life, including grief, loss, rape, multiple hospitalizations, and abusive relationships. Journaling is a remarkably powerful tool. I want to share that with you.

Learn more about, and sign up for, Rawness of Remembering here, including testimonials from people who’ve been through the material, a complete description of the content, and more about what makes Rawness of Remembering special. I hope you love it.





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