With pencil, paper, watercolors, and inks, I'll commemorate your furry (or feathered, or scaly, etc.!) pal. Buy one as a gift for yourself or someone else.

Hand-done pet portraits to capture your best friend

Esmé's Pet Portraits


For a 8x10 portrait of one pet:

Watercolor: $150
Black pen & ink: $120

For a 8x10 portrait of more than one pet, email me.

Fill out the form (click the Order Now button) and make your payment. Depending on the urgency of your project and the people whose portraits are ahead of yours, I'll get going as soon as I can.

When I have a pencil sketch of your portrait, I'll email it to you to get your approval, with up to two rounds of revision. Then I'll send the final version to you. If you approve, I'll ship it off via Priority Mail (if you're in the USA). If you don't approve, I'll make adjustments (if possible); if I have to start over, an additional $20 will be charged. 

How does it work?