small white dog in the woods

Daphne on the trail in Fort Funston. She looks back periodically to make sure C and I are still there.

Dear ones, I have missed doing this round-up on Saturdays. There’s something glorious about sprinkling a heap of links in my space — something about sharing what I like, and showing you things that you might not have seen in your own adventures around the Internet; there’s also the Saturday morning ritual of pouring myself a warm cup of something, trundling to my office in the morning, and recapturing for myself the things that I found most useful or delightful through the week. So: Places to Go, People to See has returned. There will still be links not found here gathered up for the With Love & Squalor community — a community that I treasure as much as, if not more than, my warm cup of morning coffee — but Saturdays are, once again, primarily for links.

I will say that tomorrow’s WL&S will be a proclamation on my end of my intention to create certain products and experiences over the rest of this year and the next. There may be talk of a live workshop.

Without further ado:

No one knew I was sick. My Facebook presented an able-bodied version of myself stagnant for many months. On the net, my healthy self was frozen in poses of youthful exuberance, running around the city of Paris, wining and dining. Really, I was immobile in my mother’s one-bedroom apartment in Philadelphia, at times in a wheelchair, at times needing assistance for basic activities like brushing my teeth or holding a glass of water.

To wrap up: March is booked up with editing services, and I’ll be writing in the woods for all of April, but my May is beckoning you — you who are crafting and creating with words — to bring me on board. I edit big things; I’m also available to edit and copyedit smaller things, both short- and long-term. Explore my Services page for details, or get in touch directly for particular inquiries.