Places to go, people to see. Syrup on a table.

 Orenda is a word that describes a force — a mystical force — present in all people. Orenda is what empowers people to affect the world, or their own lives.

The above photograph was taken on a day when I was tasked with the assignment of choosing a photographer to emulate. I chose William Eggleston, the pioneering champion of color photography. I thought straightaway of his famous airplane window photograph; I snapped this picture of syrup.

Photography is a way for me to be slow. I use it in my Rawness of Remembering course as a tool for mindfulness and record-keeping. I think of it as a hobby to go to when I want to be actively looking — actively present.

What my own, particular orenda is has not revealed itself fully to me yet, but I see it in parts. It flits through my sternum when I attend to the world.

This week’s links list is filled with people who feel to me as though they are deeply in their own zone of genius (thank you, Jac, for the phrase):

Doing what you love isn’t good enough. It’s not even close to being a recipe for success. You have to do what you are really fucking good at, know it inside and out, and have worked at it for a long time.

Strikingly like the grief I have also been battling in the past few months, losing the boot and crutches meant I lost all visible injury — rendering the quieter, more invisible forms of hurting difficult to navigate.

Be well. Enjoy your weekend. & I am so grateful — really & truly — that you’re here.

Oh! And a new With Love & Squalor is out tomorrow. If you like my writing, check it out. If you don’t like my writing, I hear that there are some great sloth videos on YouTube to watch instead. (There are!)