Hello, kidlets and fish sticks. I was out later than normal last night, meeting up with visiting friends (read: later than 9pm), and wound up sleeping till the early afternoon today, which I haven’t done since I was in graduate school. My apologies for the late links round-up. & here we go —

  • I’m obsessed with Laura Simms’s piece, “It’s Not an Inner Critic. It’s a Habit.”
  • “Loving Your True Nature” : “Often when women come to work with me they are hungry for connection, for community. In our first session together, they describe a common feeling and fear :: I want to belong. I want to find my people. I want to know myself better. I want to feel safe to be who I really am. I want to know that who I am is lovable, worthy.”
  • Mia Christopher, artist, lives in San Francisco, and I want to meet her. Discovered via Emmadime.
  • No, Mum, it is not my books and periodicals in a mess; it is known as “stacking.” SF Girl by Bay told me so.
  • These black-and-white historical photographs, colorized, astonish me with their level of skill — poorly done colorization is a nightmare to look at — and truly bring these people, places, and events to life.
  • This is an older post, but the wonderfully succinct How to Create a Style Guide for Your Blog (written by sillygrrl) is good for bloggers who are into design to think about.
  • Someone get me this Perfect 10 Kookie Tin?
  • I’m sad that VSCO is no longer making film emulations for Aperture, especially since I own Film 01 and Film 02 for Aperture, but Film 04, which emulates various types of slide film, looks amazing (and is on sale).
  • Simple, the debit card and “banking alternative,” is rocking my world so far. Tweet me if you want an invite.
  • My course, Rawness of Remembering, is pulling together in a way that makes me extra-thrilly. Email me if you’d like to do an interview or are interested in a guest post about journaling and healing.

Do you have any favorite links from the week? Share them in the comments!