There’s a certain elegance to being very ill. Rather — it is horrible, but operating at 5-15% on a daily basis the last few days has pared down my life in a way that nothing else has. No to-do lists, no motivational audiobooks, no reading, no… anything. Just trying to make it to the next minute, through the next feverish hours. Going to the next MRI, the next EEG, the next etcetera.

So my experience of things such as Twitter, and the Internet in general, has been shaded with a haze. It sounds like, “Why is there so much selling in my Twitter feed?” and “Why do none of these sales pitches seem to account for someone like me, who wants to do things, but can’t right now? And doesn’t know if she will be able to… for who knows how long?”

This list of links is full of things that didn’t make me question my value as a person. Things that didn’t make me feel so grim. And maybe even lifted my heart a bit. 

Other things that I love: kissing C in the morning where his new beard meets bare skin; the hummingbirds that have been showing themselves frequently and are taken as signs (this will be written about at some point); the new cast-iron pan that I received from the dear Sweet Gum Co. & was perfectly, charmingly packaged; folks who have signed up to stay with me via Care Calendar; too many more to count. All of you! All of you wonderful people.

Stay gold, chickadees.