flowers-pensI find myself wondering these days if I’ve actually accomplished anything, which is a holdover from both my days as an overachiever and from my faulty memory, which has been miswiring and misfiring since the explosive events of November and December. It was in the middle of this fog that I found a piece by Michelle Ward — and  I can’t seem to locate it — which recommended the practice of keeping an Accomplishments List. After doing a bit of mental list creation, I realized I had, indeed, finished my 2014 business plan yesterday, including launch dates and estimated revenue. I’d begun drafting a guest piece for a blog for which I’d been invited to write. I’d gone to see Andy Goldsworthy’s installations in the Presidio, and picked up some new medication at the pharmacy. Things do happen, even if they don’t seem to be happening. I must remind myself of this. 

Speaking of things that are happening, I released information to my editing-specific group last week. And if you’re intrigued, I’ve got the link to more information right here.


In the meantime, I’m meeting with my writing group today at noon. The weekend has a framework: family, things to mail, preparations for a dear friend’s visit (if you ever end up staying over here, I will do my damnedest to make you a welcome basket, which is perhaps a sign that my business plan in 2040 will include a B&B by the water), writing, writing, writing.

The links — yes. But first: the relaunch is now happening in exactly one week. I’m having a housewarming that includes giving away The Kindness Hustle (a 30-day ecourse for those of you who want to sink into kindness) and a donation in your name to Girls Write Now (an organization that pairs writing mentors with at-risk girls).

Here is some reading to bring you into the weekend, as we step into the light together.

Also? I just recorded myself singing/belting “White Rabbit,” a cappella, and emailed it to two friends who’ve never heard me sing before. Just because weekends should open up with a little bit of danger. And because I’m emerging.

With love & squalor,