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And because a random links list is as good of a place as any to say this, I will say this: the doctors seem to be onto something (or perhaps it’s nothing, a red herring, as they call it) in terms of the medical problems I was having, and am somewhat still having, toward the end of 2013. I won’t get into it too deeply here, but I’m scheduled for a CT scan of my chest and abdomen on Monday to check for cancers. & if you believe in the power of sending love and light, or perhaps prayer, or indeed holding your rose quartz for a little bit more time than usual, please do. I am brave; I am strong; I am also fearful, like any human being. I am fearful because there are things like my mum cuddling with Daphne, and I love these things — I love so many of these moments in these days.


…and here are the links that tugged, twirled, or tantalized my soul this week:

Enjoy your weekends, starlings.