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This has been quite the week for me — unexpected test results, cancer screening, receiving the results (no cancer), and moving forward with the knowledge that I do have some sort of condition, but that said condition will remain unnamed for now, and perhaps for the rest of my life.

In the meantime, I wrote to WL&S readers about stress, both in relation to this post about high-stress work and mental illness, and as it relates to our daily lives. Since then, I’ve received a number of moving, intelligent missives about what stress means to others; I’m working on a piece about stress as a concept — mostly, how meaningful the word “stress” is or isn’t when we’re all living relatively full lives, complete with (“stressful”) ups and downs.

a white papillon in the sunlight

The links for this week include a number of sites that aren’t necessarily new to me, but that are new to Places to Go, People to See:

May your weekends be bright. I’m hosting a small gathering today, and I’m excitedly nervous — perhaps I’ll share more about the outcome here, later.

My oracle cards today: Be Happy Now, Be Free, & Creativity.

With care & gratitude,