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Due to the magic of the Internet, this post is going up while I’m probably on a plane. Or on a bus, half-asleep, somewhere in Taiwan, as I head toward my ultimate destination. I’m constructing it on Friday, having just packed — I thought that I was leaving tomorrow, but it turns out that I’m leaving tonight, and I hadn’t packed at all till a scant few hours ago — so here I am. And this week’s links are truly delicious.

  • On the ten-year anniversary of the premiere of “The L Word,” Autostraddle published a piece about the legacy of Jenny Schecter, also known as One of the Most Reviled People on Television. But “Schecter 3:16 (Or How Jenny Schecter Saved My Life)” made me see the Schecter legacy in a new light: “[I was angry] because Jenny Schecter had endured so much hate and criticism over the years that had never been leveled at male archetypes who behaved like she did. Angry that I’d been so brainwashed when I first watched the show that I hurled horrible sexist/patriarchal insults at her too… Because of the way Mia Kirshner refused to cloak Jenny in anything other than the rawest emotions, she became real to me in ways none of my go-to happytimes characters ever could have.”
  • This video about women and art, made by the Tate & starring Jemima Kirk from GIRLS, made me a little weepy. Even if you already know about the Guerrilla Girls, et al, there’s a fair amount that you might not know. And even if you watch the whole thing, and realize that you just spent ten minutes watching stuff about feminism and art — hey, there are worse things.
  • On A Life Less Bullshit: “Do You Know How to Suffer?”
  • Some of these are quite good. “How to Deliver Exceptional Client Service” (Smashing Magazine). Asking real questions, for one.
  • Speaking of exceptional client service… Alexandra Franzen revamped her Things I Love page. And hey! Look who’s on there! (Hint: it’s me. I’ve got editing and copyediting services coming out with the March 1st relaunch.)
  • A quote from Ellen Gilchrist, on A Design So Vast. Because the chaos keeps slipping back in.
  • Amy Gretchen writes about the beauty of being with her family, wholly and honestly. I’m darn lucky to know her.
  • This checklist for your first year of full-time entrepreneurship is marvelous. (Brought to by the marvelous Michelle Ward.)
  • How to tell the difference between disowning your power & being humble (Tricia Karp). “I couldn’t own the fact that I was one of just three women in a city of more than one-million people who was reading the TV news.  I couldn’t own that I’d been given a rare opportunity, and that was a big achievement.  I was too busy focussing on not being full of myself.”

Be well, chickadees. I’m planning on reporting from my travels, but I’m also allowing myself some space for rest — so we’ll see how things shake out.