My, has time passed since the last Places to Go, People to See, which means that I have a lovely backlog of saved links to pick through. Before I share the goodies, though, I want to share this email that I received from my mum yesterday while I was at Alexandra Franzen’s abbreviated (and lovely) Write Yourself Into Motion workshop, where I was participating, arranging snacks, and taking pictures:


Mom knows you are very busy recently, please do it with your limitation, don’t over stress yourself, if you need help that also other person can do, pls ask [your brother or sister-in-law] to help, 

It always a amazing thing that you can set up your business in such short term, but mom wants you to do it with a pleasant heart and passion. Don’t exhausted yourself, ok? 

I love u. 


Lovely, no? And yes, it’s been a busy, busy week with the end of registration, even though I have been working on recovering from England, fainting, and a cold. However, I’m generally quite happy, and I’ll be sending you off into the remainder of your weekend with these links:

Oh, and I’ve got this little class that you might have heard of about restorative journaling — registration closes today at midnight. Check it out, if you haven’t yet; sign up, if you feel that it calls to you. Whether your difficult time is large or small — whether you’re in a smooth patch now, but know that you’ll be back in the trenches eventually — this class is going to be a treasure and a treat. And I want to thank all of you who have signed up, shared it with a friend, tweeted about it, or otherwise made my first launch a relatively smooth experience. I adore you.

For those of you who’ve registered, I’ll see you in class on Monday (information coming to your inboxes soon).

With love,