This is a book that is essentially a 74-paged self-paced online course, about restorative journaling through difficult times, built by someone who’s been in the trenches.

Perhaps you’re going through a rough time, but can’t imagine being open about it to anyone you know.

Perhaps that loneliness is compounding your pain, to the point where you wonder if the loneliness is worse than the difficult time itself.

Perhaps you’re already seeking help. You’ve read loads of self-development books; you’re in therapy; you’ve chosen to take medication to help dig yourself out. But if you’re in therapy every week for 50 minutes (out of the 10,080 minutes that make up one week), you’re only actually in the therapist’s office for .49% of the week. What happens when you leave the therapist’s office—especially when you feel like there was some good information, but when you also forgot everything that was said by the time you get home?

What do you do after you take the pills like a good patient does?

Or perhaps you’ve tried journaling, but gave up after one or two entries because you didn’t know what to write about. Or you’re a long-time journal-keeper, but wish to learn specific techniques to get through whatever you’re going through.

But what I really want you to take away from this book is this: Rawness of Remembering is not merely about creating a journal. It’s an investment in taking charge of your own healing. You will develop a way to take care of yourself when your therapist or best friend isn’t there; when it’s just you and your thoughts, threatening to take you down into a terrible, lonely spiral. It's a workbook that will take you through an entire program to help you take charge of your own story.

Rawness of Remembering: Restorative Journaling Through Difficult Times (print book)

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