from upper left to right, top to bottom:
1. pilot precise v5 rolling ball pens (link) 2. hardback grace not perfection notebook (link)
3. pencil case alternative (link) 4. narwhal journal (link)
5. rainbow set of 8 le pens (link) 6. 1/4 quartered notebook (link)

It’s Labor Day in the States today, so I thought I would share a lighter post than usual in honor of the early launch of my restorative journaling course: my favorite stationery items! I’ve bought nearly all of these items, and those that I haven’t are made by small companies that I love and trust. The Pilot Precise pens are my pen of choice; despite having spent too much money on fancy pens with replaceable nibs and replaceable ink cartridges, they’re always the ones I go back to time and again. I recently purchased the rainbow set of Le Pens from Emily Ley, and I adore them — they add a lot of pep to my planner, journal, and miscellaneous notebooks. The 1/4 quartered notebook is a favorite of mine from one of my very favorite stationery makers, invite.L; because I have tiny handwriting, I’m often frustrated by the line width of standard notebooks, and so this notebook perfectly caters to my cramped-handwriting whims. I haven’t purchased either the narwhal journal or the Grace Not Perfection journal, but they’re on my wish list for the coming months.

What are your favorite stationery products, these days? Or do you do everything digitally?


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