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If you’ve poked around this place and feel yourself to be a kindred spirit, perhaps you’d like to stay in touch, too. I’ve got a little e-letter that floats into inboxes every few weeks. I try to keep them in the vein of a thoughtful missive to a good friend–and in particular, a good friend who might be curious about life with limitations, gung-ho about good writing, or intrigued by the interplay between resilience in difficult times and the mastery of an art or skill. And because our inboxes can be scary places these days, I always keep in mind how much I want my e-letters to make your digital life brighter.

As a welcome present for saying yes to With Love & Squalor, you’ll receive my e-book, Productivity Journaling with Limitations. It’s a deceptively simple tool to help you bring some structure and organization to your life when you’re living with limitations of any kind.

Because all of us are living with limitations. And because planning can be, well, kind of fun. (…if you don’t think so, just ignore the e-book.)

Was telling my [partner] today what a treat your newsletter is to get—like a mini chatty letter from a cherished friend, and a micro/mini Atlantic monthly-type treasure, all in one. Just wanted you to know I value what you do.

—Heidi J

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I'd love to stay in touch with you

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