I’ve come up with a follow-up book for Rawness of Remembering, the print book I’ve created for readers to learn about restorative journaling through difficult times. I wrote Rawness of Remembering’s materials originally in 2014, and approximately a decade later, it might be time for an update. 

And so I am making this: Writing Through the Storm: Yet More Ways to Journal Through Difficult Times. It will start out as an e-book, and if people are interested in having a print copy, I’ll make that available eventually as well. I kept thinking about Taylor Swift saying that making things is what keeps her going when times are hard. Keep making things, is the advice she gives younger pop stars who are facing their first major backlash. The line I recall most from Miss Americana, the documentary about Taylor filmed in the era in which she wrote Reputation and Lover, is: “I can’t control what happens to me, but I can control what I write.” 

Writing Through the Storm

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That's stuck with me for ages—as a writer, it speaks to a piece deep in mhy spirit. I can write through the storm; I can write through the story. And so can you. Pre-order the book now and you'll have it delivered to you this spring, along with a bonus audiobook snd worksheet of journal prompts. You can pre-order it right over here.